How to Trick Yourself into Success

23 03 2011

We could do so much, we could go so far—if we didn’t stand in our own way.  We are our own enemy!

We try to reason with ourselves, but we are unreasonable.

We try to force ourselves, but we are hard to move.

And so, sometimes, we have to get devious with ourselves.  We must trick ourselves into doing what we know we should do.

If your to-do list is longer and your tasks more intimidating than the US tax code,

If you cower under your desk because you feel undermotivated and overwhelmed,

If you feel that it would take five locomotives, four teams of horses, three grizzly bears, two elephants and a sharp poke from a cattle prod to get you moving,

Then this book is for you.

If you feel overwhelmed at how many choices there are in this book, close your eyes, open the book to a random page, and point.  Or do the self-deception that corresponds to your favorite number.  Or flip a bunch of coins.  Or read through the book until one grabs you.  Or ask a friend to pick one for you.  Or just do them in order.  Or in reverse order.  Or do the one that corresponds to your age.  Or your birthdate.  Or… there I go again, giving you too many choices.

Okay, do this.  I’m thinking of a number between one and one and whatever the last self-deception in this book is.  Guess what number I am thinking.  You’re right!  Do that one.



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