8 – “I only have one task.”

23 03 2011

Group tasks into like categories.

— town errands

— things to read

— letters to respond to

— apologies

— antidotes to mix

— pest eradications

— mailing addresses to change.

— etc.

Think of each category as one task.

You’ll seem to have fewer jobs.  And you’ll get them done more efficiently.

9 – “Look how much I don’t have to do!”

23 03 2011

Feeling overwhelmed?  Make a list of everything you don’t have to do.

Save the Amazon rain forest.

Stop war.

Cure disease.

Get rid of the telemarketers.

(Of course if you can do any of these, why are you sitting there wasting your time with this book?  Get up and save the world!)

10 – “It’s on my ‘do someday list.’”

23 03 2011

Make a second to do list.  Call it your “do someday” list.

Move every task that is not urgent or essential to your do someday list.

Your to do now list won’t seem as intimidating.

And your do someday list?  You’ll enjoy watching that list grow.

And it doesn’t matter how big that list is, because it’s not urgent.

You’ll get to it someday.

Or not.

11- “I will let my other personality do it.”

23 03 2011

If you don’t already have them, give yourself multiple personalities.

the adventurer

the no-nonsense business person

the smooth talker

the hard-working blue-collar laborer


Divide your tasks up among them, giving each the tasks that fit him or her best.

Then have one of your personalities work on his jobs while the rest of you take a nap.

12 – When a Job Seems Too Big – “I only have to do a bunch of little jobs.”

23 03 2011

If the task looks too big to swallow…

Break it up into a lot of little tasks.

Make them smaller and smaller until they look easy.

Then start working on those easy tasks.

You eat an elephant one bite at a time.  Take small enough bites so you don’t choke; don’t swallow too fast, and you’ll be fine.

13 – “I only have one thing on my to-do list!”

23 03 2011

Make your to do list for today.

Put on it just one item, the most important thing you need to get done.

Today’s to-do list: Taxes Taxes Taxes!

Cool!  You only have one thing to do today!  A breeze.

Do it.

And then take the rest of the day off.

14 – When You Need a Sense of Accomplishment to Get Motivated -“Watch my to-do list shrink!”

23 03 2011

Make a list of everything you think you have to do, want to do, have been told to do, feel obligated to do.  Then start checking off as done everything you don’t really need to do….

Check off…

the books you plan to read

the countries you’ve planned to invade

your goals, your hopes, your dreams,

your outlandish delusional schemes

everything you don’t absolutely have to do.

Look how much you’ve got done already!  What a worker!

You have so little left to do.  Why not just finish it up?

And when you’re done, now that you have some free time, go back to one of your dreams, and work on it.

15 – “I’ve just begun the day, and look how much I have already accomplished!”

23 03 2011

Add tasks to your to-do list that you can check off immediately, such as…

Get up

check e-mail

brush teeth

check e-mail


check e-mail

get dressed

check e-mail

make breakfast

check e-mail

eat breakfast

read e-mail

answer e-mail

plan the day


Check them off.

There!  Look how much you’ve done.  15 tasks already completed.  And the day’s just begun.

Life is good.

16 – “I’ll pay you to…”

23 03 2011

Feel a need to be productive, but don’t feel like working?

Hire someone.

Your kids (ha, like they’ll work)

a neighbor’s kids (a better shot)

a highly motivated out-of-work parent (best bet)

Give them all the work you can’t bring yourself to do.

And then think how much work you’re getting done while you nap.

17 – “I don’t have to lift a finger and my work is getting done.”

23 03 2011

Let machines and time do your work for you.  Fill…

the dishwasher

the washing machine

the crockpot

and let them work while you lie on the lawn and stare at the sky.

You can also let

the sprinklers feed your flowers.

the bug zapper debug your yard.

a goat mow and fertilize your lawn.

Then think of how much work you’re getting done while you nap.